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Welcome to the homepage of the FILM & ANIMATION department created primarily for our students, as well as for prospective applicants.

It introduces the department and outlines individual semesters, seminars and classes. It also showcases work created here and enumerates some of our many accomplishments and extensive festival participation.

Students currently enrolled in the FILM & ANIMATION department may log in to access additional content related to their studies.

I would like to remind all prospective, as well as current students that passion and perseverance are the key to success and to wish them good luck, be it with their applications or their studies!
"Filmmaking" is a team effort and so is studying here in the FILM & ANIMATION department at the Ohm School.

I would like to thank Thomas Bedenk for designing and programming our website and Susanne Bieger for the English translations.

Nuremberg, 2009,
Prof. J├╝rgen Schopper