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The Program and its Scope

The approach of the FILM & ANIMATION Department in Nuremberg, led by Professor J├╝rgen Schopper, is decidedly workplace oriented.

A special emphasis is placed on filmmaking and storytelling that is appreciative of its past as well as its future in the realm of digital imagery.


Students participate in various projects and create narrative short films, music videos, commercials, motion graphics, and complete purely experimental and mock assignments.

Each of these sub-genres has specific requirements and in turn offers unique design possibilities, which we will introduce over the course of study with the help of examples. Students are expected to apply these principles at all stages of the creative process' during concept development and the creation of storyboards and animatics, during physical production and postproduction, including editing, color grading, music and sound mixing.
Preparing presentations and developing sales strategies, as well as taking on all production management responsibilities of an entire project from start to finish are also part of the scope of this program.

Throughout, students will have access to the following professional tools: HD-Cameras and accessories, Lighting Systems, Avid, 3ds Max, Maya, Softimage, RenderMan, Dragon, TVPaint, Nuke, Shake, Adobe Creative Suite and ProTools, because we believe that having access to state-of-the-art technology will best prepare our students for their future workplace.


The theoretical part of the program will cover all historical, design and technical aspects of film.

Students will receive an overview of film history and of all aspects of production, including an introduction to the pertinent occupations and areas of responsibility.
All technical aspects will be covered over the course of study, which will trace the development of film production from their earliest beginnings to today, the age of digital imagery.
Numerous workshops and screenings round out the educational offerings.


The students and projects coming out of our program have garnered a great deal of international attention. Numerous awards and invitations to film festivals are proof of that. For many of our students the school has also been a launching pad to Hollywood and other film capitals. Florian Witzel, for example, worked at Psyop in New York after graduating from the Ohm Hochschule and recently joined Industrial Light & Magic a Lucasfilm Company.


Once a semester our students screen their work for the press and the general public at Nuremberg's largest public cinema. The event is called ohmrolle (ohm reel).