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"The creative potential of the students is remarkable. They continue to be enthusiastic and keep generating new ideas even on long work days - that's perfect for an agency!"
Matthias Zentner, Head of Velvet , München

"Nothing comparable exists. The students are exceptionally well trained and can be put to work immediately. They are creative, meaning they are more than just software literate and actually understand the entire workflow of a project. In our experience, they interact well with clients and colleagues, and generally, we don't like to see them go at the end of their internship. "
Philipp Bartel, Head of ARRI Creative Solutions / Commercials , Munich

"The students are the best. The quality of their education when it comes to creativity as well as to technology is superb and they are - which is a rare - 'down to earth'."
Conny Unger and Christian Künstler, Head of gate.11 , Munich

"For many years now we have relied on the young talents from the Ohm School, who continue to deliver great work."
Dominik Trimborn, Head of ARRI Visual Effects / Title Design , Munich

"During the last ohmrolle, I jotted down the names of some of the young talents - they are now completing internships with us, here in Frankfurt. I'm very pleased and would like to expand our contact with Prof. Schopper's students."
Irene Trampler, General Manager mapp , Frankfurt

"The best person to talk to when it comes to film and animation is Prof. Jürgen Schopper."
Lothar Just, Media Liaison FilmFernsehFonds Bayern GmbH , Munich